Thousands are reached through ESL programs, developing students and adults from intro level to proficiency.   Our grant-funded Access programs are providing English and mentoring to high school and university students while our adult programs equip community members with skills to be more competitive in local job markets throughout Jordan and in Iraq.

Access Micro-Scholarship English Program

English is taught in public schools in Jordan beginning in elementary school.  However, the emphasis is on reading comprehension and memorization of grammar rules.  Lack of ability to speak conversational English limits career opportunities in a wide array of fields, from tourism to engineering. World Associates’ English Access Micro-Scholarship Program helps prepare high school students for increased educational and career opportunities through English proficiency, increased understanding of cross-cultural awareness, and leadership development.

In addition to after-school classroom instruction, Access offers a variety of enhancement activities such as field trips to Amman, learning about American holidays, and a week-long summer camp that includes educational games and community service projects.  Access is a 2-year program.  Participants, who are ages 14-17, come from low-income families.  This project is funded by the U.S. Department of State.  Access programs are offered to high school students at the Aqaba, and Irbid locations, enrolling 160 total students at a time.  

Adult Language Program

Our Language Institute for Furthering Education (LIFE) Centers located in Aqaba, Jordan and Sulaymania, Kurdistan offer valued English training to adults looking to become more competitive in local job markets, especially in Aqaba that has a growing hospitality and tourism industry.  The focus of the English training is conversation-based and typically meets for a 6-week period. 

The Aqaba location also offers rotating weekly seminars that equip participants with jobs skills including email writing, CV development, and mock job interviews in English. We heavily subsidize classes at the LIFE Center so they are accessible for all, and in some cases, award full-scholarship to participants who are English teachers in the Aqaba area.


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