With centers located in Jordan and Iraq, they are more than just buildings. They are home for the marginalized, neglected, and abandoned. Men, women, and adolescents can expect to be treated with love and respect the moment they walk into a World Associates center. The centers act as beacons of hope within the community and house programs aimed to empower residents with the confidence they need to succeed.  Scroll down below to learn more about each location.

Aqaba, Jordan

Operating in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Aqaba since 2007, the LIFE Center stands for the Language Institute for Furthering Education.  Since first opening its doors to the community, the center has seen over 9,000 adults participate in its 6-week language programs and another 460 high school students graduate from its 2-year Access English programs.  The center also cycles through 1-month WellFit fitness programs that have enrolled over 5,400 participants since its original inception.  The LIFE center is also home to a social entrepreneurship project called Green Creations, which employs female artisans to make jewelry out of recycled materials.

Irbid, Jordan

The center in Irbid is the most recent location to be opened (2016) and has wasted no time to make an impact.  In its first 2 years of operation, it has graduated 120 students from its ESL Access program and is expected to graduate another 80 by the end of next year.  Programs are offered to both high school and college-aged students and serve underprivileged Jordanians and the growing number of relocated Syrians.  Similarly to the Aqaba location, the center in Irbid also offers a Refresh women’s wellness program providing low-income women with fitness classes and health-related, educational discussions.


Sulaymania, Kurdistan

At the request of the government of the Kurdish region of northern Iraq, World Associates entered the city of Sulaymania in 2008.  The LIFE Center – Sully opened its doors and is presently full to capacity with English students from all walks of life and all ages, including children’s clubs. Our program includes 5 levels of English as well as one evening a week for open coffee shop where students can come and practice what they learn in the classroom.  Our teachers are all native English speakers from the United States.  Our classes focus on conversation with limited attention given to grammar, reading and writing.  Further programs will launch in the future.

                  Irbid                        Aqaba

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