Amer Beni Hassan

Country Operations Director, Access Teacher Irbid
Amer has worked with World Associates since 2015.

  • He is an Access teacher, overseer of human resources, liaison for working with the government and handles logistics for the organization.
  • He chose World Associates to see change in his community and learn about community development.
  • He is proud, as a teacher, to be the element of change in someone’s life who can show a new path and perspective for the student.
  • He has seen astonishing change in students in their abilities to speak in public, growth in english, emotional intelligence, and leadership which impact the community.
  • He regularly says, “What I love about the work of World Associates is the heart of our work, it’s not a job, it’s a responsibility”
    A Colleague of Amer said:
    “I admire the way that he searches for answers and examples as a teacher. He is always ready to answer student questions by researching. He never gives up on finding solutions to problems. He has grown as a teacher by expanding his methods to include new ways of teaching to reach different students. He takes initiative in the organization to find ways to improve us as organization. He is passionate about his country and wants Jordanians to grow and accomplish things that do not tear down Jordanian culture but improves Jordanian practices and methods toward improving the community.”

                  Irbid                        Aqaba

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