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World Associates LTD

World Associates, Ltd. (W.A.) is a U.S. based, non-profit development organization, operating in the Middle East, that alleviates basic felt needs leading to self-sufficiency, personal development, and health in the community, especially among the poor and disadvantaged.

Since 1997, World Associates has been offering education, hope, and community to the people of the Middle East.  Current programs include women’s wellness (physical, emotional and social health), English language classes for adults, English language and leadership training for high school students, and a women’s poverty alleviation program.

Since opening in Jordan in 2006, over six thousand people have been served by World Associates and our programs.  Our goal remains empowerment of the local long term resident. We long to see the people of Jordan take advantage of the resources and changes happening in the free economic zone they call home. World Associates values sustainability and local empowerment. We do not operate on grant cycles, opening and closing programming according to the winning of bids, but build self-sustainable programs and communities. In some of our programs participants pay tuition fees that cover expenses. Other programming that we develop hits sustainability and is handed off to local NGOs. In 2013, after 6 years under the leadership of W.A., our mobile veterinary clinic was fully handed over to a Jordanian NGO. In 2015, after four years of operation, twelve Souk by the Sea vendors formed an association and were given full control and leadership of the street market! 

World Associates has launched programs with the help of generous donations from US AID, SIDA and the US Embassy.  We have benefited from corporate donations from companies such as Pepsi, General Electric, the Aqaba Development Corporation, Ayla Aviation Academy and many others.  In addition, individuals have made donations to World Associates including former President Jimmy Carter.  Our grant total award for our after school trainings programs has hit over 1.5 million dollars since 2012. 


W.A. has two locations throughout the country of Jordan: Aqaba (Southern) and Irbid (Northern).  For over 10 years, W.A. has been operating the Aqaba location in one of the oldest neighborhoods of the city.  Starting in 2015, World Associates expanded operations to E. Amman and ran two, two year grant cycles for English programming there finishing in 2018.  Shortly thereafter, in the beginning of 2016, the Irbid location was up and running.

Each city as has a different flavor and source of commerce (including a thriving tourism industry in Aqaba) but both locations encourage corporate social responsibility among business leaders, advocate educational opportunities for citizens, teach individual health and wellness courses, equip future leaders with job skills training, and empower minority populations including refugees and women with the confidence to succeed We have invested almost 2.5 million in projects in the Kingdom of Jordan. 

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The LIFE Center – Sully opened in 2008.  English students from all walks of life have filled the center to its capacity since day one.   Our program includes 5 levels of English as well as one evening a week for open coffee shop where students can come and practice what they learn in the classroom


Our newest location in Dushanbe, Tajikistan opened in January 2018. Soon after opening, projects expanded into the northern city of Khujand. Projects in Tajikistan include community development/construction, swimming instruction and water safety, an English Discussion Club and a Sign Language program with Deaf children and their families. For more information, click here.

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